Suhi Potok, Croatia

Suhi-Potok Suhi Potok is a small dalmatian settlement built on the slope of Poljicka Planina descending rather steeply toward the sea.

It is set along 1 km of coastline and the Magistral, main road is dividing the slope from the beaches.

In the past Suhi Potok was a separate place but nowadays it is completely merged with its neighbours : Sumpetar, in the east and Krilo Jesenice in the west.


Suhi Potok's pebble beaches stretch, below the Magistral, in a tiny narrow belt. The main beach is made of very fine gravel and lined by tamarisk trees.


Accommodation is mainly offered in private houses, apartments and pensions.


Restaurants and bars are situated along the Magistral, small purchases can be done in the neighbouring Sumpetar and larger shopping in Dugi Rat, Omis or even in Split.


As Suhi Potok is situated on the southern slope of Perun mountain, promenaders and hikers could go exploring its paths and roads immediately from the coast.


Up there, far from the noise, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, they could discover the old villages of Zeljovici, a little bit further in the west Stare Jesenice and in the east, Krug and Stare Duce.

These old, now abandoned villages, because theirs inhabitants went down by the coast to built the new settlements, are an excellent examples of old rural dalmatian architecture. Beside fresh air, nice nature and cute villages you will certainly enjoy a fabulous view of the sea.


Boats in the harbours of surrounding Krilo and Sumpetar offer daily excursions and cruises to the island of Brac and Hvar and other Adriatic destinations.


Suitable for calm family vacation, but in the vicinity of the mayor middle dalmatian tourist centers like Omis, Split, Trogir and Makarska, Suhi Potok is also an excellent starting point for daily trips and excursions.


Tourist Board Dugi Rat
Poljicka cesta 133
21315 Dugi Rat

00 385 (0) 21/ 735 244

Tourist office Omis
Trg kneza Miroslava b.b.
21310 Omis

00385 21/861 350

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