Solin, Croatia


Solin, aka Salona in Italian and Latin, is a suburb town 8 km northeast of the center of Split and a part of its conurbation.

It developed on and around the ruins of ancient Salona that was the capital or Roman province of Dalmatia and the largest Roman settlement on the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea.

It was also the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian who after his abdication retired in his palace in Split, then just a small fishing village.

Alas, in the 7th century, after the destruction of Salona by Avar and Slavic tribes began the development of neighbouring Split.

After its destruction and in spite of its important role in early Medieval Croatian Kingdom and its extraordinary position (where the river Jadro meets the sea at the bay of Kaštela protected by the mountains of Kozjak and Mosor), Solin has never succeeded in reestablishing its past glory and importance it had in ancient times.

Further on, in the 20th century, the development of cement and asbestos factories as its principal industries did little to improve the condition and the image of town.

But, lately, Solin has started preserving its natural attractions and resources as well.

The River Jadro has been carefully preserved and especially its part where the town's center is located. There, it splits into several flows thus creating a couple of minuscule islands and waterfalls and upstream of the biggest one there’s a small lake-like part of the river.

These parts are dotted with many green areas and being situated closely in the east of the antique Salona are easily reachable after visiting it.

Also, recently introduced bird colonies have become very popular among the kids and their parents. There have been built pavilions and shelters for swans, ducks and other birds.

Having transport links with other towns and situated on the road between Split and Trogir, Solin is a good place for a lovely day-trip.


The river Jadro is an excellent backdrop for hikers, start your route from its estuary in Solin and follow it along the 4 and a half km long hiking paths till its spring at the foothill of Mount Mosor.


Being the place of the early Christians and its first martyrs as well as afterward in the Early Middle Ages the place where the Croats adopted Christianity as their religion, it isn't surprising Solin has become the oldest Marian sanctuary in Croatia.

The Nativity of Islands is celebrated every year in its Our Lady of the Island Sanctuary (Gospa od Otoka).





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