Plomin, Croatia

Plomin Plomin, a medieval village in the eastern part of Istria, is perched on a 168 meters high hill above the bay of the same name.


Originally named Flanona, Plomin was already inhabited in Roman times, but nowadays is almost deserted.

However, it is still an interesting place for a walk in the idyllic blue-green landscape with its steep coast and beautiful views.

Once a fortified town, now a sleepy village, Plomin also seduces its visitors with its quietness, dry stone houses covered by tile roofs, narrow alleys, the town loggia as well as with the buildings in ruins with preserved Renaissance and Baroque features.

The walls and fortifications are only preserved in fragments.


Plomin is dominated by two churches and their bell towers. The highest one is the Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known as well as St. George the Young. It is a late Gothic-style building from the end of the 15th century later expanded during the Baroque era. Its interior is adorned with five altars, a Gothic crucifix, wooden statues of saints, Renaissance church pews and a fresco painted by Alberto de Constance.

The smaller one, a 15 meters high Romanesque bell tower belongs to the church of St. George the Old. It was built in the 11th century with a late antique style relief of the pagan tutelary deity Silvanus as a part of the outer wall. A short but valuable inscription in Glagolitic characters called the Plomin tablet was carved on the upper edge of the relief. It is one of the oldest Croatian Glagolitic inscriptions in Istria dating from the eleventh century.

In the past St. George the Old was a parish church, and later the fraternal church of the Plomin fishers and sailors.


Three kilometres on the road from Plomin to Lovran, among pine, olive and cypress trees there is the Plomin Belvedere that offers an exceptionally awesome view of the Plomin bay, Labin, Kvarner and the islands of Cres and Losinj.

The only blot on the landscape are the high chimneys from a coal-fired power plant.


Since there is no available accommodation in Plomin itself it is always possible to lodge in neighbouring hotels, farms and private houses. Also, choices abound in the nearby Rabac.





A couple of walking trails and bicycle-friendly roads will allow you to rapidly access to the nature surrounding Plomin and its bay.


A little further east, the slopes of Mt. Učka offer better possibilities for hiking, trekking, free climbing, riding, mountain biking, hang gliding and paragliding.


Public hunting area of Plominska gora, under the direction of the Plominska Gora Ltd. is at the disposal of the hunters.


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Tourist office situated in Kršan covers Kršan and Plomin

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