Perun (Poljicka planina), Croatia

Perun-Poljicka-Planina South of Mosor, above the coast between Stobrec and Omis bounded by the rivers Zrnovnica and Cetina rises a 14 km long upland spur that once in a past formed a single mountain with Omiska Dinara.

The two mountains were divided in the center by the Cetina river thus carving also a canyon to the sea.


This small mountain does not have a popular common name. Sometimes it is called Perun as one of its peaks (named after the old Slavic god of thunder and lightening) and sometimes Poljicka Planina since it is situated on the territory of what once was the Republic of Poljica.

The mountain is constituted of thee mounts stretching from west to east : Perun, Vršina and Mošnjica with an average height of about 500 m.

The highest peak Vela Gora or Zahod is located on mount Mosnica with 594 m of height.

The maritime slope has three zones: a lower one, a stretch of mostly terraced and fertile land ; above it, a rocky section about a hundred meters high and finally above it, a karst plateau up to 500 m broad.


Due to the proximity to the sea it is possible to combine swimming in one of its numerous villages ranged one after the other with climbing to one of its tops.


The mountain is ideal for hike lovers because of the developed net of paths, six little churches and the old villages (Stara podstrana, Stare Jesenice, Krug, Zeljovici and Stare Duce) on its slopes.

From each of the coastal villages at least one track leads to the mountain, and the peaks to which they take are visible from afar.

Many of tracks are used by bikers too.

It is possible to ascend on one side and descend on the other of the mountain, all within the compass of a half – day trip. If you start from the hinterland the ascent is shorter (height about 300 m) and more woody, and on the descent you will have marvelous sea views.


The eastern part of Poljicka Planina, the mount Mosnica, near Omis is very popular among free climbers. There are 5 nice routes on its heads : Komornjak, Lisicina, Babjača, Crvena Stina and Stomorica.


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