Pantana, Croatia


Pantana is a small wetlands area by the sea situated 1.5 km east of the old town of Trogir, in the field below the mount Krban.

Nature lovers will be delighted to discover this tiny oasis of greenness whose waters spread till the sea. Pantana offers the possibility to feel the freshness of the swamp water watching the birds and the fish and then to swim in the sea.


Pantana, once an extensive marshland was over time reduced to an area of only 50 h because of the urbanization. Nevertheless it is still a precious example of a Mediterranean marsh area on the eastern Adriatic. Due to its salt water that mingles with fresh water thus creating an ecosystem essential for survival of different species of wetland birds, fish, crabs, plants and even the insects Pantana was declared a nature reserve for fish and bird life in the year 2000.

Recently there has been registered 163 bird types, 34 fish types, 6 plant associations and a total of 42 plant species.


On the edge of a small lake formed by 12 spring sources there is an old watermill recently renovated. Built by the Venetians in the 15th century in a dalmatian renaissance style, the building has the features of a fortification with a defensive tower in its center.

During certain period of time and especially in the 16th century because of the Ottomans attacks and numerous pillaging the watermill was frequently occupied by different military crews.

Being for centuries one of the region’s water milling centers it represents an important example of industrial architecture.


Recently, it has been transformed into a fine restaurant that also offers accommodation within the mill's tower.


One kilometer long river, locally called Rika has its source in lake Pantana and reaches the sea creating a sandy lagoon. The remnants of the 16th century tower are located on the estuary.

A nice 500m long gravel and sand beach, very well equipped for a full day stay, stretches in the western part of the lagoon. With its shallow waters and a pine-tree wood on its eastern side that provides a pleasant shade it is suitable for families with children.


The afternoon mistral wind makes this beach suitable for windsurfing and kite surfing.

*Parts of the beach near the shallow lagoon with the small islands filled with quagmire are unpleasant for swimming.


One of the best ways to explore Pantana waters among its reeds is by kayak or by traditional wood boat called ''lađa'' rented there.


The best seasons for bird watching are autumn and spring. Autumn signals both the departure of bird types that nest in Croatia and the arrival of birds from northern Europe and Asia. In spring, the species that spend their winters in Africa return to their nesting sites in Pantana.

As there are no organized birdwatching activities in Pantana it is a good idea to contact the public institution Dalmatian Nature that is responsible for the management of this nature reserve.

Dalmatian Nature – Public institute for nature heritage management

Brace Kaliterna 10

21000 Split

00 385 (0) 21/332 322


by bus
- take the local bus N°37 from Trogir bus station to Split and exit on second station, walk for 200m and turn right where you will see the sign.

on foot
- follow the path along the coast leading from the old town to Pantana.


Tourist Information Center Trogir

Trg Ivana Pavla II, 1

21220 Trogir

00 385 (0) 21/885 628

TIC Kastela

Brce 1
21215 Kaštel Lukšić

00 385 (0) 21/227 933

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