Lovrecica - San Lorenzo, Croatia

Lovrecica-San-Lorenzo Lovrecica, the most southern Umag settlement with 154 inhabitants, is 7 kilometers away from the town center.

It has developed around the church and the small harbor on the northern coast of the Slanik bay, surrounded by olive and vine trees.


Due to its peaceful setting Lovrecica is a perfect place for a relaxing vacation.

However, being located half way between
Umag and Novigrad it offers an easy access to more entertainment and activities.


Accommodation is manly offered in private houses, apartments or in some of the surrounding campsites.


Finida, a four-star campsite is located in the Potocina bay to the north of the willage.

Park, beside Finida, also one of the finest Croatian campsites is situated in Lading gaj bay.



Miro Sailing and Windsurfing Academy offers courses on dinghies, sailboats, windsurf, kayak and SUP for all ages and all levels.



A couple of circular routes pass through Lovrecica: Southern Umag and a ride along the coast, The trail of submerged ancient ports and Treasure hunt in the riviera of Umag.

In addition, its gentle coast, olive groves and vineyards are the great landscapes for discovering the unknown tracks.



MTB Lovrecica

It is held on the 8th of August on the 30 kilometers circular route Lovrecica-Novigrad-Lovrecica.


Lovrečica`s coast and surroundings offer excellent jogging tracks.

A 7 kilometre long seaside promenade connects the village with the Umag town center.


Public hunting area of Umag, under the direction of the Trčka hunting association is at the disposal of the hunters.

LD Umag

Galići 45
52470 Umag



Before Histrians, Romans and other peoples that inhabited Istria, the dinosaurs were the first to walk around Umag and its area.

Unfortunately the footprints of the 95 million-year-old theropod have been taken from the Lovrecica beach!

Other Istrian fossilized dinosaur prints are safe and the dinosaurs lovers are still hoping that the footprints are going to be returned.


The name Lovrecica originates from its patron saint St Lawrence(San Lorenzo).

The remains of a prehistoric settlement site at the southern end of the St. Ivan bay on the Punta Finida peninsula testify that the Lovrečica area was already populated in those early times.

The Sv.Ivan Korentski bay hides also a Roman archaeological site with the remains of a harbor.

Punta Finida also holds the remains from the early middle ages; a fragment of a medieval tower devastated in the end of the 11th century.


The church of St.John from the 12th century was erected on a prehistoric site on Finida peninsula.

Although built in the 12th century this construction with a single nave has the baroque features due to its reconstruction from 1882.


The St.Lawrence church, a single naved building with its cemetery was first mentioned in the written documents in 1580. However, being expandend first in 1879 and then in 1894 it is impossible to determine the exact date of its construction.

The church holds the valuable organs from 1733, the work of Gaetano Amigazzi and a lovely baptistery from 1713.


Bishop Juraj Dobrila initiated building the new 25 meters high church tower.

The campanil was finished in 1893 and due to the bishop's idea it served not only for the ecclesiastical purposes but also for better orientation of the ships.


Nights of St. Lovro

10.08. – 12.08.

The feast of Saint Lawrence is celebrated with a local brass band, a capella singers, choir, music bands, classical concert in the church, fishing competition, cards tournaments, volleyball, football, local games "vogalonga" and "sciavoga", sea games and presentation of boškarin – the Istrian ox.

Feast of Saint Ivan

Babići – Lovrečica

The celebration is held at the end of June honoring village patron saint with performance of the local brass band, klapa (a cappella singers), choirs, etc.

Corn feast - Fešta od bobića

Babići – Lovrečica

This traditional corn feast held at the end of July offer competition in preparation of the most tasteful corn, funny games and a lot of music.

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