Lokva Rogoznica, Croatia

Lokva-Rogoznica Lokva Rogoznica, the oldest village south of Omiš established in the 12th century is located on the hill bellow Omiška Dinara mountain.

The old village is situated on the 260 m of altitude, above the Magistral.

Following the opening of that seaside road in the 1960s, its inhabitants descended closer to the sea thus creating the hamlets on the coast : Ruskamen, Obriž, Vojskovo, Čalete, Plani rat, Bilići and Ivašnjak.

Nowadays, "new" Rogoznica has become the agreeable tourist destination known for its pebble beaches with crystal sea along the shore full of pine trees reaching the sea.


Besides the three longer beaches as : Artina (which is also the largest and most equipped), Vojskovo and Rape there are numerous smaller beaches and intimates coves but due to the steep slopes some of them are not easily accessible.


In addition to numerous private apartments, family houses to rent and a hotel over the beach in Ruskamen there are couple of campsites on the slopes near the sea.


Close to the accommodation places there are several restaurants, coffee shops, stores, exchange offices, a post office and a tourist information center.


As well as enjoying in the classical nautical activities, the spots of Ruskamen and Ivasnjak provide excellent opportunities for windsurfing and kite surfing.


Local tourist agency offers full day excursions to nearby islands Brac and Hvar, to the river of Cetina and to the bay of Vruja.


The hiking enthusiasts could climb to the old village of Lokve consisting of old stone houses and two churches: St.Cosmas and Damian and its parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Besides the old route bellow the village perfect for the jogging or cycling, there is a marked path leading to the chapel of St. Vitus situated on the top of Omiska Dinara on the 639 meters above the sea level. Your prize is a tremendous view of the sea on one side, and on the other that of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Located in the vicinity of the towns like Omis, Makarska, the river of Cetina with its gorges and the Biokovo massif, Lokva Rogoznica enables to its visitors to find more fun and activities there.


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