Klis, Croatia


A sleepy little village of Klis is situated on the hill of the same name on the route to Sinj, just 10km from Split.


For centuries, Klis was considered as 'the key of Dalmatia' because of its strategic and geographic position.

Located in the mountain pass that linked the Dalmatian hinterland with the coast and separated the mountains Kozjak and Mosor, it had an important position in the defense of the Dalmatian coastline.


The village is dominated with its fortress, perched on a promontory, a rocky spur as an eagle’s nest, overlooking on one side the coast and on the other the mountain pass leading to hinterland. Watching it from afar, the fortress perfectly blends with the rocky mass where it is erected.

Built on the site of an ancient Illyrian citadel, in the middle age the Hungarian-Croatian kings enlarged it in purpose to monitor and stop the penetration of invaders coming from the interior of the country.


However, in the XVIth century the fortress was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. As a symbol of the victory they built a small mosque that was immediately transformed into a church St. Vitus after their fall.

After 111 years of the Ottoman's domination, the fortress changed different conquerors: Venetians, Napoleon's Empire and than the Austrian Empire that modified it a lot.

CHURCH of the Assumption …

In the village of Klis-Varos, on the southern slope of the hill, there is the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a basilica that is worth of visit. It is decorated by the frescoes depicting the biblical and historical epic of the fortress.


Nowadays, these abandoned ramparts offer a beautiful and unforgettable view on the neighboring mountains, the valley, the islands and the sea.



The Klis fortress and its defense still symbolize among the locals the exceptional resistance to the Ottoman Empire to whom the fort was the key for their further conquering of the coastal Dalmatia.

In the first half of the 16th century, during the biggest Ottoman invasions to Croatian territories, the fort was bravely defended by the legendary Uskoks (military organized group of Catholic defectors from regions under the Ottoman rule) under the command of their captain, Petar Kruzic.

Unfortunately, his capture and “gentle” execution by the Ottoman army (his head was decapitated and impaled on a stick) in 1537 forced his soldiers after 25 years of defending Klis to retreat to Senj.

To honor the memory of the battles that have marked collective memory of Dalmatian population, members of the association Kliski Uskoci lead by Damir Zura organize every year a historical spectacle on the fortress that is an ideal stage for the event.

Their “Battle for Klis”, a reenactment of the historic battle that originally took place in 1532 when the Ottoman army besieged Klis, is performed every year on the last weekend of the July.



The village of Klis is constituted of three villages huddled around the citadel that have the reputation for theirs simple restaurants serving grilled lamb. There you can smell the whole lambs turning on a grill at the entrances of these restaurants. The lamb is served just with fresh onion, bread and vine. This culinary traditions remained from the Ottoman times.


The horseback-riding is organized for all kind of riders: for advanced riders as well as for the beginners and the children, in small groups with experienced guides.

The center is open all year round and is 30 minutes from Split.

Price: one hour of horseback riding 70-100 kn



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404 Pometeno Brdo Trail

Situated nearby Pometeno brdo (hill), the trail goes through 7 villages with their 7 old churches. Beside a pristine nature it offers some sights; like a baroque fort Tartaglia from 17th and 18th century, ancient localities north of St Michael’s Church and numerous old wells.

HOW to GET to the FORTRESS from SPLIT?

The Klis Fortress is located in the village of Klis, 20/30 minutes (13 km) north of Split.

By car

You can choose between two routes: an old road and a new one. The trip on the new road is a bit longer than on the old road.

Local=an old road

Take D8 to Solin and then turn right onto Ul. Stjepana Radića, which turns into Ul. kneza Trpimira. After passing through the tunnel, take the residential road on the left leading to the fortress.

Highway=a new road

Drive the D8 to the ramp for the A1 to Sinj/Rijeka/Zagreb. Then take the first exit at the roundabout for the D1. After following the highway across the mountain pass exit Drniš/Klis and merge onto D511/D56. Then take the second left towards Klis and finally take the residential road on the second right leading to the fortress.

by Bus

There are 5 bus lines to Klis.

Lines 16 and 22 leave from the HNK bus station (at the top of Marmontova) to Klis Megdan.


On Saturdays and Sundays it is bus line number 16, that leaves at 20:20 and 21:50.

Lines 34, 35 and 36 leave from the bus station Sukoisanska to Dugopolje and Koprivno. Get off at bus station by the Caffe Bar Oprah and walk about 10-15 min up to the fortress.

Check on: www.promet-split.hr

Working hours:

Daily, from 10:00 to 16:00 with no days off or holidays.

Admission price:

Adults – 40 kn

Children – 15 kn


Turisticka zajednica Klis

Megdan 57
21231 Klis

00 385 (0) 21 240 578

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