Dugi Rat, Croatia

Dugi-Rat Dugi Rat, the largest settlement between Podstrana and Omis is stretching along the Adriatic road, at the foot of Perun or Poljicka Planina.

In the east, it is protected by its cape (dugi rat means long cape in Croatian) and in the west is merged with the neighbouring Orij.

Contrary to other places of its Riviera it is not completely situated by the very seaside in a very narrow belt. Its small center is located in some kind of minuscule basin very close to its main beach.

Dugi Rat started developing after the construction of the Magistral (the main road) and the tourism boom, but over the past forty years it hesitated between the tourism and the industry. Recently, the old factory situated on its cape, the most attractive location in the town, has been destroyed and is to be replaced with a new tourist resort and a new marina.

Dugi Rat's two pebbled beaches „ispod Zilica“ and „Glavica“ are well equipped and very popular among families with children so they are often overcrowded during the high season.

If you prefer sandy beaches just go to east to neighbouring Duce with its beautiful 4 km long sandy beach.

Accommodation in Dugi Rat is mainly found in small pensions and especially in private houses and apartments. Just look for the signs „zimmer frei“ or just „rooms“ when passing along the Magistral.

Being a small center, Dugi Rat is well equipped either with lager groceries or smaller shops and bakeries, restaurants, tourist agencies, a bank and a post office.

Lucky pleasure boaters could find a couple of berths in the small Dugi Rat's harbour. But, those more fortunate should navigate eat to Duce. Immediately behind its cape there is a nice little harbour with local boats, but during the summer when they are absent it is possible to find a berth or two. It is important to be careful there because the sea is very shallow, from 1 to maximum 3 meters.

Hike enthusiasts could easily access Mt Mosnjica and its mild slopes.

In addition to beautiful and peaceful environment there are four old abandoned villages to be explored. Their inhabitants deserted them in search of a better life and built the new settlements along the seaside.

If you go to the eastern part of the mountain there is Stare Duce and on the contrary, in the west Krug, Zeljovici and Stare Jesenice are waiting for you. They are all placed under the stony crest of Mt. Mosnjica at some 300 meters.

In addition to narrow mountain paths, there is also an old local road linking all of the villages.

In any case, it provides you a couple of hours of walking with a marvellous panorama of the Adriatic and the surrounding islands.

In the vicinity of all the most important cultural and natural attractions of middle Dalmatia and due to its position between Omis and Split with good transport links Dugi Rat is a perfect destination to people searching essentially peace with possibility to escape easily for day-trips if wanted.


Tourist Board Dugi Rat
Poljicka cesta 133
21315 Dugi Rat

00 385 (0) 21/ 735 244

Tourist office Omis
Trg kneza Miroslava b.b.
21310 Omis

00 385 (0) 21/ 861-350

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