Antique Salona, Croatia


The remains of the ancient capital city of the Roman province Dalmatia extend in the suburb of Split and in the north-west of the modern city of Solin.

This archeological site is hidden among the fields and vineyards, at the foothill of carstic mountains Kozjak and Mosor, in front of the sea.

In spite of the roads that are encircling and cutting the site, it is still highly possible to imagine the past beauty, glory and importance of the place.

Over the centuries, stones of the amphitheater ant the other buildings were used to build the new constructions, so there is very little things to see. Most of the remnants were transferred to the Split Archeological Museum.

However, dispersed on the 156 ha, the ruins of Salona witness of the importance of the ancient city. You can still see the remains of the enormous roman amphitheater of the capacity of 18 000 persons, impressive walls with its tours and gates, the forum with its temples, the baths, the theater, the palace of administrator, as well as the ruins of the headquarters of the diocese, several basilicas, a couple of christian necropolis and an early Christian church built on the tombs of the first Salona's martyrs persecuted by the famous emperor Diocletian from the nearby Split.

It seems incredible that in the III rd century this site was an important metropolis in full prosperity, the 4th city of the Roman Empire whose population approached 40 000 inhabitants and Split, its neighbour, a simple fishing village. But, as you can see, the things have changed a lot since!


After visiting the old Salona you can finish your walk in the modern city of Solin or just follow the river Jadro on its way of 4 and a half km long way to its source at the foothill of Mount Mosor.


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